With his “joie de vivre” and strong passion for people, Jerry works with each couple to create a wedding ceremony and celebration that expresses your love and unique relationship.

He has never done two ceremonies the same and thus will customize your ceremony so the true essence of your relationship shines through while you share this special day, speak your unique vows and celebrate with your family & friends.

Jerry enjoys getting to know the couples he is to marry and uses his knowledge of the couples and their relationship to create a special, memorable wedding ceremony to be shared with your family and friends.

The ceremony is generally 15-20 minutes long depending on your unique design…long enough to contain some substance and short enough that people attending remain engaged.

The following is a quote from Jim, an 81 year old
grandparent who attended his grand-daughter’s wedding which Jerry performed:

“You know “son”, I have been to many, many weddings in my time and usually the ceremony is just something you have to endure to get to the party. But this one I didn’t want to end!”